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Couple Travels the World Performing Acrobatic Yoga Poses with Gorgeous Backdrops
21 Avril 2015 à 11:57
Couple Travels the World Performing Acrobatic Yoga Poses with Gorgeous Backdrops - My Modern Met
Claudine and Honza Lafond combine two of their passions - yoga and travel - in an ongoing series of gorgeous photos they share on Instagram. The couple, who…
Dance Academy Newmarket
11 Février 2015 à 05:07
Mercredi 11 Février 2015
If you are looking for dance academy in Newmarket, visit Vision Dance Academy at Unit 1B - 16600 Bayview Avenue, Newmarket, Ontario, L3X 1Z9, offers you dance classes for ages 2.5 to adult, in jazz, tap, ballet, pointe, musical theatre & contemporary, and more, that specialize in healthy dance education, with a child centered focus, and give first class instructors that assist every child to grow at their own pace. Call (905)836-0877 or visit
Vision Dance Academy- Newmarket Dance Classes - Vision Dance Academy | Dance Academy Newmarket | Ballet In Newmarket
Vision Dance Academy is a family focused dance training facility in Newmarket, Ontario
Linda Jamieson School of Dance is an Award Winning Dance School in Ottawa
27 Octobre 2014 à 13:36
Lundi 27 Octobre 2014
Linda Jamieson School of Dance gives you the opportunity to become a professional young dancer. Linda Jamieson School of Dance provides top professionals trainers and fun way of learning dance. Studio location: 150 Katimavik Road, Kanata Town Centre, Ground level facing Katimavik Road. Visit their website for more information
Linda Jamieson School of Dance in Ottawa | Achievements
The Linda Jamieson School of Dance in conjunction with The Linda Jamieson Dance Company of Ottawa is renowned for producing Ottawa’s own Annual Nutcracker Production. In addition, this National Capital Region dance studio produces annual Full Length Classical Ballets and Musical Theatre Productions. In our studio’s friendly, safe environment, we seek to inspire, encourage and develop happy, confident students with a healthy self-esteem which enables them to succeed in careers of their choice. The Linda Jamieson School of Dance has produced some of the top Professional Dancers in the world today. Some, of our graduates, we are proud to say, have gone on to become top medical specialists in Nutrition, Physio Therapy and Sports Medicine in Ottawa and other major cities around the world. Our innovative Guest Teacher Program was the first to bring to the National Capital Region, some of the world’s best Dancers, Teachers, and Choreographers. The Linda Jamieson School of Dance continues to bring fresh new and exciting teaching techniques and dance experiences to students in the Ottawa Area.
Awesome Drawings by Vince Low
26 Janvier 2014 à 11:28
Awesome Drawings by Vince Low -
Art Page
Artist Sews Portraits of His Family into the Palm of His Hand
19 Janvier 2014 à 10:51
Artist Sews Portraits of His Family into the Palm of His Hand -
Spanish artist David Cata has taken ‘hand embroidery’ to a whole new level. Using needle-and-thread, he embroiders portraits of people who have impacted his life on to his palms. He calls the series of works ‘a flor de piel’, which means ‘Under the S
Tyson McAdoo - I Kinda Want To Draw You Naked
28 Octobre 2013 à 12:33
Tyson McAdoo - I Kinda Want To Draw You Naked - - Blog
Tyson McAdoo's current body of work focuses primarily on female figurative digital paintings. McAdoo's balance between abstraction and realism creates an energy that thrusts the female form to dominate rolls of power.
Portraits of Young Women in Their Bedrooms
24 Octobre 2013 à 10:17
Portraits of Young Women in Their Bedrooms - - Blog
Mirrors and Windows is a portrait series by Italian photographers Gabriele Galimberti and Edoardo Dilelle that draws insight into the lives of women across the world based on their intimate living spaces.
Furniture Installation by Tiago and Gabriel Primo
21 Octobre 2013 à 14:20
Furniture Installation by Tiago and Gabriel Primo - - Blog
Brothers Tiago and Gabriel Primo set up their quarters on the side of a building back in 2010, in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. The two artists spend up to 14 hours a day literally hanging around their outdoor home. They had a hammock, a love
The Alternative Limb Project by Sophie de Oliveira Barata
21 Octobre 2013 à 14:18
The Alternative Limb Project by Sophie de Oliveira Barata - - Blog
Sophie comes from an art background, with a first class honours degree at London Arts University where she studied Special Effects prosthetics for film and T.V. She then went on to work for 8 years, as a sculptor making realistic looking, bespoke&nbs;
A house door re-purposed as a gate in a Toronto garden. Designed by Ontario, Canada firm Rooms & Blooms.
27 Décembre 2012 à 20:00
Windy Brae - traditional - landscape - toronto - by ROOMS & BLOOMS
Windy Brae
Amazing Papercraft Design Artists
05 Juin 2012 à 14:14
Most of us had fun in our youth creating paper airplanes and reveling in joy when they actually flew in a straight line. Some people, however, have taken that fascination with paper to new heights in what can be best described as Papercraft – the intricate art of creating 3D structures made purely out of paper and card. By literally using flat pieces of paper, artists have proven that there are endless possibilities for what shapes and structures you can mould and produce. There are so many outstanding and diverse styles of papercraft designs out there that, an art from, it really does stand alone on a creative level. Here’s a few such amazing works of designers who would laugh at your pathetic attempts at origami.
Peter Callesen
Jen Stark
Jen Stark | Drawing, Sculpture, Animation
Simon Schubert
Simon Schubert, Künstler
Brian Dettmer -
Sher Christopher Paper Sculptor
International contemporary artist who creates unique paper sculptures.
Elsa Mora
The official blog of Elsa Mora. A multimedia artist based in Los Angeles, CA.
Yulia Brodskaya : Illustration
Illustration stuff meta description comes here
Forms in paper. - a set on Flickr
I use paper modelling as a means to generate form. I place the emphasis on the creation of form through hands on material exploration, something paper lends itself to perfectly. Discovering the properties of the medium in this direct way helped me better understand the potential of paper in its own right, leading to the creation of sculptural forms. All the objects produced are simply one stage in an ongoing process of exploration. This involves investigating the medium itself and the methods by which it can be manipulated.
The Helix Bridge
24 Avril 2012 à 20:22
The Helix Bridge -
Linking Marina Bay to Marina Centre, the Helix Bridge, is set to become Singapore’s next landmark. Located beside the Benjamin Sheares Bridge, alongside the vehicular Bayfront Bridge, it was officially opened on 24 April 2010 and is the world’s first curved bridge.
Useful art
01 Avril 2012 à 15:32
deviantART: where ART meets application!
Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints.
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