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People make it - complicated
30 Septembre 2017 à 10:08
DIY Easy Friendship Bracelets
20 Mai 2014 à 02:04
In this DIY bracelet tutorial I show how to make an easy, but adorable friendship bracelet. All you need is 2 minutes of your time, string, charm and beads (optional) to make one of these cute bracelets.
DIY easy friendship bracelets for beginners. This bracelet making tutorial shows how to make these cute friendship bracelets. These bracelets are so easy, si...
Mix and Match Nails - Dotted Nail Art
05 Mars 2014 à 00:23
Mix and Match Nails. Nail art using dotting tools, q-tip, few nail polishes, glitter polish and couple of rhinestones. Manicure combining different nail art designs into a funky complete look.
This nail art is all about mix and match nails! In this nail tutorial we are painting nails in a unique mix and match manicure. This is nail tutorial for sho...
Lego Nail Art
29 Décembre 2013 à 15:02
Paint Lego Heads and Bricks on your Nails
In this toy nail art tutorial I show you how to create a Lego nail art manicure! This Lego nail art for beginners looks super cute and cool, but it is very e...
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