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Tres mimi:)
30 Août 2012 à 08:45 - Anamaria Somlea
Moody Blues - "Nights in White Satin"
22 Août 2012 à 14:14
I grew up with my mother listening to this song, so the lyrics are permanently engraved into my mind. It's an all-time classic from the 60s and I recently re...
The English Patient
04 Août 2012 à 14:01
"I promise, I'll come back for you. I promise, I'll never leave you."
from the movie Love story
01 Août 2012 à 05:08
Where Do I Begin!
Escucha Me
26 Juillet 2012 à 01:52
Listen to me....Listen to me.... That's a great song for the awesome flamenco-rumba band "Gipsy Kings" taken from the album "Love and Liberte" 1993
25 Juillet 2012 à 13:45
I cannot express my feelings when she's matter how she ended her life...the one and only...Whitney Houston!
Whitney Houston Sing I Will always Love You Grammy 1994
Tout vas bien CRIS :D
25 Juillet 2012 à 14:26 - Jose
Toujours :) et toi?
25 Juillet 2012 à 15:53 - Cris
The Power of Yourself: "Between two worlds"
13 Juillet 2012 à 13:50
Today I saw a piece of me missing…
Tomorrow I will try to find it!
But if this involves my own falling
Why would I risk my life dying?
Would I do it just to see what is on the other side?
Or am I simply playing with my mind?
What kind of a sick game am I trying to play
If the thought of living has passed away?
What part of me am I trying to find
If afterlife is not really on my mind?
Am I accepting my own death?
Or am I searching for a place to be
Between two worlds and still free?

P.S.: I still have faith, I still feel love, I still dream of greatness… These are truths that no one can take away from my reality, and those are ideals that no cataclysm can shatter!...
I made yet again more lyrics vids, I hope you enjoyed it. I don't own the song, lyrics or the background. Thanks for watching.
08 Juillet 2012 à 23:41
Jah Cure- Unconditional love
Jah Cure - Unconditional Love (OFFICIAL VIDEO). BUY IT NOW on iTunes: TWITTER LINK: Song Produced By: BeatZone & D...
The Real John Lennon
07 Juillet 2012 à 11:22
Biographical documentary tracing John Lennon's life and music. Release Date September 2000
Imi aduce aminte de liceu :) Merci!
09 Juin 2012 à 16:31 - Elena Ionescu
Iti multumesc pentru apreciere!
18 Juin 2012 à 00:14 - Sile
07 Juin 2012 à 17:50
I think some things are from the other video for guys, but it's because it is common in both, guys and girls.
06 Juin 2012 à 16:55
Life Is Beautiful (Italian: La vita è bella) is a 1997 Italian film which tells the story of a Jewish Italian, Guido Orefice (played by Roberto Benigni, who ...
Top 20 Best Romantic Love Songs
14 Mai 2012 à 16:23
So i finally finished my second video)))this is my list of 20 best romantic love songs ever))) please comment=) P.S My next video is coming next week - top 2...
Close the eyes and dream on!!
04 Mai 2012 à 23:22 - Dany198510
des petites voitures
19 Avril 2012 à 16:36
PjLightHouse - God, DotA, Warcraft, Adsense, SEO, Love, Petaling Jaya, Art, Movi
PjLightHouse - God, DotA, Warcraft, Adsense, SEO, Love, Petaling Jaya, Art, Movie, YouTube, Leadership, Internet Marketing, Make Money Online
Love in the Time of Cholera
18 Avril 2012 à 15:59
This is the theatrical trailer for 'Love in the Time of Cholera'. In theaters November 16th from New Line Cinema and Stone Village Pictures. www.loveinthetim...
comment draguer une meuf
18 Avril 2012 à 14:13
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