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Recycling (Industry)

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made of old skateboards
30 Août 2017 à 00:16
by Japanese artist Haroshi
Haroshi – Sculptures made of old recycled skateboards | Skateboard, Japanese artists and Art 3d
The latest creations by Japanese artist Haroshi, and his sculptures made of old recycled skateboards. Hiroshi, avid skateboarder since adolescence, uses broken
10 beautifully useful things made from 'useless' trash
26 Novembre 2014 à 12:49
10 beautifully useful things made from 'useless' trash | MNN - Mother Nature Network
Dassanetch caps wig
20 Novembre 2014 à 12:50
Dassanetch caps wig - Ethiopia
I came back to Omorate village, on the left side of the Omo river. Always the same old trunks to cross the river, fearing to fall in the water with all the cameras ans lenses!...always the same dirty village full of all kind of shits everywhere...but so nice people to meet. The Daasanach people collect the caps of the Coca and beers in the bars of Omorate and make wigs with them. Soon, there will be a bridge on Omo river, so thousands of people, cars, trucks, will pass the Dassanech villages. I felt i saw the last traditional times of this tribe.The Dassaneth or Geleb are living on both sides of the Omo river. The Dassanetch are originally nomadic pastoralists . However, despite their dedication to cattle rearing current reality reveals that crop cultivation on the flooded banks of the Omo river and its delta are fundamental to their subsistence. Omoratte market of the Dassanetch has been serving for centuries as an important trading center of the Karo and the Geleb where the Karo head with their own clay pots to exchange them for grain, Coffee and ammunition. In the Dassanetch society power is in the hands of a group of about thirty elders called"bulls" (Ara). The hair style of the Dassanetch men is one of the most sophisticated in the Omo valley. Village d'Omorate Les Dassanetch (ou dassanech) vivient sur les deux rives du fleuve Omo. Ils sont aussi appelés les Geleb. Ce sont des pasteurs, mais l'agricultiure sur les rives du fleuve tend à prendre de plus en plus d'importance pour leur survie alimentaire. le marché d'Omoratte est un carrefour de longue date où les echanges avec les Karos sont nombreux (poterie contre café, armes, munitions..). Dans la societé Dassanech, le pouvoir est detenu par une trentaine de sages appellés les Aras (les taureaux). la coiffure des Dassanach, comme chez les karo, est tres sophistiquée. © Eric Lafforgue
Wtf ?
20 Novembre 2014 à 22:14 - Christian
Call These Guys To Recycle Your Old Computer!
01 Novembre 2014 à 05:07
Call Michigan Electronics Recycling to recycle your old computer! Get free electronic recycling to the Southeast Michigan area! Their goal is to prolong the life of functioning electronics and to recycle those that cannot be repaired or reused. Visit them on 8000 Yankee Road, Suite 120,Ottawa Lake, MI 49267. Call 734.854.2992 or visit to learn more.
Michigan Electronics Recycling | Computer Recycling Michigan
Michigan Electronic Recycling is a company located in Southeast Michigan helping businesses recycle end of life computers and electronics.
Plastic bottle
26 Janvier 2014 à 11:49
do it yourself
19 Janvier 2014 à 11:27
for your home
04 Janvier 2014 à 15:55
Renovate an Old Dress
29 Décembre 2013 à 14:56
Learn how to Up-cycle an old dress into a fashionable piece of clothing.
This DIY fashion tutorial shows how to renovate or recycle your old dress! I show how to recycle an old dress into a fun and elegant piece of clothing entire...
yep. buttons
03 Novembre 2013 à 13:35
Have a cigar ;)
02 Novembre 2013 à 14:18
The Quiet Creative
Cigar Box Curio
Cool ideea
30 Octobre 2013 à 17:08
king size
30 Octobre 2013 à 17:06
How to reuse silica gel packets
21 Octobre 2013 à 13:58
How to reuse silica gel packets | MNN - Mother Nature Network
This annoying packet has a multitude of household uses.
Recycling is cool
10 Octobre 2013 à 14:52
recycling is cool
30 Septembre 2013 à 15:56
recycling is cool
16 Septembre 2013 à 12:13
recycling is cool
29 Août 2013 à 13:13
recycling is cool
05 Août 2013 à 17:09
Keep it simple. Recycle!
07 Juillet 2013 à 10:43
IN style
23 Juin 2013 à 14:31
DIY - do it yourself for your home
06 Mai 2013 à 20:19
25 Avril 2013 à 08:33
Some new ideas for recycling
18 Avril 2013 à 13:36
4 Ways to Form Green Habits
09 Avril 2013 à 08:49
4 Ways to Form Green Habits - Live Green - Recyclebank
Here are 4 tips to help you get into green habits, from actually using reusable bags to remembering travel mugs, and more.
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